I’ve fell in love with brandy melville today, now that I know I can fit those one size. It’s a bit “discriminatory” in my point of view though…

Here I am, again. And I need to …let it all out and don’t really feel like talking to someone in specific. my dashboard will be fine. Maybe no one will read this but at least, it will be out of my mind for some time. So yes. I’m here again, alone. He left me again. He was too coward again. Too immature again. Too selfish again. Again. It was too hard for him to do some little efforts for me. For him to keep me. He gave up again. And it hurts again. Too many “again”. I thought he had understand his mistakes. I thought He would never do them again. I feel like a fool. To have trust him and now I’m here again. Alone. Though it hurts. Though I’m sad. Though I miss him and though I love him…I’ve decided that I would not let me down. I don’t want to be sad anymore. I’ve been too sad this year. I’ve had enough. I can’t let myself down for a guy who wasn’t able to be fully there for me, though he is a incredible person,. I’ve never asked for too much. Just for someone to look after me, to reassure me, to love me maybe.

…I just wish he was that person.

I Miss You